The Immersive Power of Radio Dramas

Imagine turning on the radio on Halloween in 1938 expecting to hear a radio drama but instead it is a news broadcast announcing that Martians had invaded New Jersey, and they were incinerating people with heat-rays! Police stations, newspapers and radio stations were inundated with calls from terrified people!

A New Genre of Audio Story

In 2011, I became interested in digital storytelling and podcasting, so I decided to teach myself how to use Audacity sound editing software. However, I had no idea it would result in an amazing journey of discovery and self-discovery about audio stories, film music and sound effects that resulted in my stories2music project and a new genre of audio story.

Gender Bias in Audiobook Narration

The Dilemma: “I have been very public in my advocacy for women and girls. But something strange happened when my publisher, Bibliomotion, presented me with 11 possible Audible narrators for my second business book. My knee-jerk response was to choose a man."

A Tiny Research Study

In an audio story, does the inclusion of orchestral film production music and sound effects enhance the vividness of the images created in the participants’ imaginations and more effectively maintain their attention?