New Releases for February 2023

Hey, everyone! Story here. We've got two new releases this month for our poetry2music collection: Spirit of Fear and Spirit of Abuse. I can really relate to these poems because I am a scaredy-dog. I am a rescue dog who was left on the grounds of the San Diego Humane Society. I have a forever home now, so I am doing much better, but I deal with fear everyday.

New Releases for May 2022

Hey, everyone! Story here. May is here, and we've got a new audio story called "The Photograph" for the True Love Imagined Collection. Kate explores Michael's photographic process and his camera lens view of life where the exposure triangle is not only the basis of photography but also some principles for better living.

New Releases for April 2022

Hey, everyone! Story here. Easter is such a joyful holiday. I've got a great sniffing nose, and I love sniffing all over the yard to find Easter eggs. I still haven't had any luck finding the Easter Bunny though! Even though we celebrate Easter in different ways, for many people it is a holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. This month, we have an Easter poem called "In the Beginning."

New Releases for March 2022

Hey, everyone! Story here. Our new release, "The Violin" is just in time for St. Patrick's Day! Kate and Michael are hosting their annual Emerald Isle Day on their farm for family and friends. It's an afternoon of Irish activites and treats and an evening of Irish food, storytelling and a live Celtic band.

New Releases for February 2022

Hey, everyone! Story here. Finally, we are releasing "The Fire." We've been waiting since 2014 to release this story because it has three music pieces, which were too expensive to license until now. We are so thrilled to offer it! It's such a dramatic story about a fire on Kate and Michael's farm and how love, friends and faith help them through the crisis.

New Releases for January 2022

Hey, everyone! Story here. Happy New Year! I hope you all had a happy holiday season (though I'm not so happy when the fireworks go off on New Year's Eve--they really scare me!). We've got two new stories this month: "One Life" and "Heart to Heart." Can you believe it? Kate and Michael finally get married! I love weddings--especially if the dog gets to bring the rings down the aisle! We are so proud to be part of the wedding when that happens!

New Releases for December 2021

Hey, everyone! Story here. Don't you just love the Christmas season? My nose is full of scents--the tree, the cookies baking in the oven, and of course my new toys under the tree--Yay! My mom has the perfect gifts for the season--two new stories: "The Toymaker's Gift" and "The Fearful Dog."

New Releases for November 2021

Hey, everyone! Story here. Don't you just love Thanksgiving? Such yummy smells coming from the kitchen! I always get a bit turkey in my dinner--Yay! Aside from cooking in the kitchen, my mom has been cooking up two new stories--just in time for Thanksgiving: "A Grateful Heart" and "The Golden Hour."