Eagle Story

Instructions: Read the text of the story first. Then listen to the narration only excerpt. Then listen to the narration with music excerpt.

(NOTE: Please use HEADPHONES or ear buds to hear the correct blend of narration and music and to hear the nuances of the music and how they match the stories. Computer and phone speakers don't see to blend it correctly.)

Excerpt from "The Flight of the Eagle"

My eyes searched, watched, and waited for the minute movements in the underbrush or on the wind rippled lake. As my watchful eyes pierced through the mirror-like lake, I saw a fish leap from the water and catch a fly then slide back into the water. I let out a piercing shriek as a wave of joy ran over me, breakfast has arrived! I tipped my wings and sent myself into a steep dive towards the lake. Although the lake was coming towards me fast, my trained eyes stayed transfixed on the fish. Just as I was about to enter the water, I lifted my wings and flung my sharp talons outward. I thrust them into the water and tightly clasped them around the bony flesh of the fish. Immediately I knew that it had been caught. The air, now compressed between my massive wings and the water below me, vigorously lifted me and the fish upward towards the sky. The fish began to struggle as the waterless air incapacitated its gills . . . I flapped my majestic wings and began to climb to my roost in the rustic red cliff.

Eagle Story -- narration only (1:55)

Eagle story -- with narration and music (1:55)

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