Music Grammar for “Kate’s Dream”
Composer: Richard Allen Harvey    Title:  The Hidden Valley

Listen to the full version before listening to the excerpts so that you know the story.

You can also listen to the story without the music to see how the music affects your emotions and imagination.

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Music Grammar

Music Only Excerpt

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The dream comes like a ghost in the night, haunting Kate like a premonition.



Creepy, ethereal sound going up and down the scale.

Excerpt 1a

Excerpt 1b


She finds herself standing at the end of a long hallway with high, arched ceilings. Locked doors line the hallway on both sides. 



Music gives the feeling of a large room with high ceilings.

Excerpt 2a

Excerpt 2b


At the end of the hallway stands a massive stained-glass window, reaching from floor to ceiling, depicting Saint George slaying the dragon.



ethereal sound going up and down the scale indicating feeling of floor to ceiling height

Excerpt 3a

Excerpt 3b


Illuminated from behind by the full moon, the window casts pale light and eerie shadows along the floor, walls and ceiling.



Music gives feeling of illumination and then individual notes like eerie shadows

Excerpt 4a

Excerpt 4b


Kate feels an overwhelming compulsion to move toward the window, but her body feels sluggish and numb; it moves in slow motion against some invisible resistance.



Music feels sluggish, dragging, slow motion moving through it

Excerpt 5a

Excerpt 5b


As she passes each door, she hears weeping, sometimes a moan or even a scream. It is the sound of human despair,thick and suffocating. It calls to her with a sweet promise of oblivion, threatening to engulf her, to drown her in its darkness, but she resists and wades through it toward the moonlit, stained-glass window.



Music creates drama, darkness, luring her to the window.

Sound effects of a moan, a screen

Sound effect of creepy voice calling to her.

Excerpt 6a



As she moves past each door, the sounds merge into a cacophonous echo, reverberating louder and louder until the whole hall is filled with it.  She covers her ears with her hands to shut it out.



Music steps lower and lower, giving the feeling of despair weight down upon her.

Excerpt 7a

Excerpt 7b


When she reaches the stained-glass window, her trembling hands reach out and touch the cool glass panes.

She looks up at the face of St. George. His face betrays a fierce pleasure of conquest, not a saintly expression. His magnificent white horse tramples the dragon while his lance, Ashkalon, morally wounds it. Kate looks at the dying dragon and feels overwhelming pity for it. Her eyes sting with tears.



Pulsing beat creates urgency and the music going up and down create a sense of trembling

Music is building in urgency and intensity, malice and violence.

Music goes up and down, up and down, to show dragon is dying.

Excerpt 8a

Excerpt 8b


With its dying breath, the dragon’s front claw falls open and reveals a golden key.  Its alluring radiance calls to her like a siren, beckoning her to sell all she owns--even her very soul--to possess it.



Music is in a holding pattern, building to the horns and music going up and more and more majestic to the blare on “possess it.”

Excerpt 9a

Excerpt 9b


When she takes the key from the dragon’s claw, all of the voices in the hallway fall silent.  The asylum inmates listen.  She can hear them . . . breathing . . . listening.  She can feel their anticipation.  Which doors will the key open?  Who will be freed?



Music changes to a driving sense of anticipation and growing urgency.

Excerpt 10a

Excerpt 10b


The air is thick with fear and hope.  She turns to her left and tries the key in the first door. It does not unlock.  She goes to the opposite door, but it does not fit in the key hole. She goes to the next door, and the next, zigzagging across the hall, feeling more and more frantic as each lock resists the key. It opens none of them.



Music adds choral voice element, creates both a hopeful but futile feeling that builds.

Excerpt 11a

Excerpt 11b


Betrayed and defeated, she sinks to her knees.  Despair and hopelessness flood her mind; she gives into its darkness. She is as much a prisoner outside the doors as the inmates are behind them.

She cannot help them. She cannot help herself. The pity and self-pity rage inside of her. The sobs come unexpectedly. She feels lost and alone with no hope of rescue. A dark madness invades her soul as the inmates’ maniacal laughter grow louder and louder. She clutches at the cross around her neck.



Music gives feeling of sinking to knees. Music creates feeling that she is giving into the despair and darkness.

Strings create emotional tension. Music goes up and down creating sense of conflicting emotions. Music evokes feeling of madness. Music winds down as she clutches at the cross around her neck.

Excerpt 12a

Excerpt 12b


And then she hears music.  It is faint at first, like a distant memory.  The sound is unbearably sweet.  She wipes the tears from her face and stands, straining to hear it.



Music changes to softer, more hopeful feeling.

Excerpt 13a

Excerpt 13b


She moves back down the hallway toward the stained-glass window, listening at each door; it comes from none of them. She follows the music to a large iron door to the right of the stained-glass window.  The door creaks open and leads to a winding stairway that leads up to a tower.  Her boots clang on the iron steps as she ascends the staircase. The climb is hard, and her breath comes in gasps as she reaches the top.  A thick, wooden door blocks the way.



Woman’s voice is like a siren, beckoning her down the hall. Feeling is ethereal, almost heavenly.

Excerpt 14a

Excerpt 14b


She leans her forehead against the door and strains to hear the music.  She needs that sweet sound more than air. She remembers the key in her hand and puts it into the lock.



Music lowers and creates a deep, yearning feeling.

Excerpt 15a

Excerpt 15b


She turns the key, and the lock releases with a click.
The door swings open, and she sees a man in black clothing looking out of the tower window.



Music goes up and creates anticipation and wonder.

Excerpt 16a

Excerpt 16b


The music comes from him, from the violin in his arms.  The music is so sublime that her soul feels nourished by it; she drinks in every note as if it were the water of life.



The woman’s voice comes again as the violin music

Excerpt 17a

Excerpt 17b


And then the music stops. He senses her presence and begins to turn toward her.

Before she can see his face, she awakens from her dream. The asylum, the man and his music remain a mystery.



Music goes up scale and builds anticipation, like something magical is about to happen.

Music levels out and creates sense of sadness and mystery.

Excerpt 18a

Excerpt 18b